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Back where I Belong…

This last friday, after a sequence of fortunate events, I found my self in a room full of guitars, amps, drums and cables, after a few years of inactivity I had band rehearsal at 7pm.

I was scared, yeah, I was out of shape and totally out of any comfort zone I could be, if ever, and I had to meet this guys, total strangers, well I new the bass player, that’s how I got in, so I didn’t knew what to expect and I did mention I was scared and nervous right?.

As soon as the music started, I felt like my head got out of the water and the fresh air started getting into me again, it was like been to much time under water, and I finally could take my head out and BREATH again. As the night went on, I could feel life filling my body, I was thirsty, starving, dying, with out music, and suddenly, I WAS ALIVE.

This may seem a bit exaggerated for some people, but music is something that is part of you, like the blood on your veins, like the air in your lungs, but much much deeper, is something you are never gonna get out of you, and when you don’t have it, part of you is gray, part of you is sad, part of you is like a ghost. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night with a hunger, a very big hunger, not for food, but a hunger to live, to make music, to play it, to live it, you can try to tame it, but you’ll never will, sadly, I tried.

At the end, it all went well, my fear dissipated when I told to my self ” If I don’t make it in the band, I’m gonna have fun”, and I did, I had fun, a loooot of fun.

Thank you guys for the opportunity to breath again, I feel like I’m in Heaven’s Core.

varomix – vocals


One response

  1. Music is life, passion, is hope, music we carry within, and is playing a key role in the pace of our lives.

    There’s nothing like spending a pleasant time playing rock with your music band again, congratulations!! 🙂

    June 14, 2010 at 10:18 pm

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